ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging provides a simple and adaptable answer to portioning and preservation of filling goods. Tailored inks, coatings and adhesives make us a leader in the flexible packaging market.


Typical applications of liddings refer to yoghurts, bottles or fresh meat. Particular demands are made on dairy products with regard to taste, freshness and natural appeal.

Wrapper & Innerliner

Wrapper can be sealed or just folded and are used for sweets and baked goods. Innerliner are used as a protector for cigarettes, sweets and chewing gum against loss of aroma and drying, respectively moisture absorption.


In a sealing process, two components are combined by pressure and heat or ultrasonic sound. Discover ACTEGA’s highly specialized blister coatings with excellent sealing characteristics.

Portion Packs

Leading manufacturers turn to portion packs due to attractive single-serve packaging. Coffee capsules, human food, PET-food and airline trays are some of ACTEGA's core applications (FDA compliance).