ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


Our Vision:

To become the market leader of packaging and printing industries in China by providing advanced technology and product solution to the market.


  • Closures

Closures are essential to seal a great variety of containers. Thus, they enable the optimum protection of food and beverages throughout their shelf life. Whether you are looking for compounds, coatings or sealants, ACTEGA offers solutions for aluminum and plastic closures, metal vacuum closures, crown corks or lug caps.

Paper-based Packaging

  • Paper-based Packaging

Paper-based packaging protects the filling good and fulfils a transport function. Whether coatings, inks or adhesives,  ACTEGA offers solutions for folded boxes, carton blister boxes and paper-based trays as well as for composite containers, board tubes and many other paper-based packaging products.

Publication & Commercial

  • Publication & Commercial

Publication & commercial consists of magazines, catalogs, direct mailings, photo books and many other printed applications. Here, ACTEGA offers many product solutions ranging from primers and overprint coatings to pressroom chemistries and fountain solutions.

Rigid Packaging

  • Rigid Packaging

A good heat transfer, damage protection and graphic capabilities – these are just some advantages of rigid packaging. Whether metal, aluminum, plastic or steel based, ACTEGA offers coatings and sealants for many rigid products. Discover our solutions for the application on cans, bottles, aerosols and other rigid packaging. Products for the direct food contact (FDA approval) are also available.

Flexible Packaging

  • Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging provides a simple and adaptable answer to portioning and preservation of filling goods. Tailored inks, coatings and adhesives make us a leader in the flexible packaging market.