ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


1906 Eugenio Fadrique established La Artística de Vigo S.A. The sealing of the metal packaging is done by solid rubber gaskets.
Fifties First steps on the dispersion of rubber in water.
Sixties The liquid dispersion defeats the solid junction at the market.
Seventies Introduction of synthetic elastomers.
Eighties Latex based compounds appear.
1993 ISO 9001 Certificate.
1994 Schröders takes 70% shares of La Artística de Vigo.
1996 ALTANA takes 70 % of La Artística from Schröders. 100% in 1998.
2002 New plant in a new industrial area (Polígono Industrial A granxa). ISO 14001 Certificate.
2003 Local production site established in Mercosur via license agreements with Promak.
2004 Commercial launching RB-1006-Z2 beer & beverage compound.