ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Product Description

ACTEGA Artística is specialist in Water Based Sealing Compounds to be used in food- , beverage- and general line cans.

ACTEGA Artística supplies the compound in liquid state, as colloidal dispersion of polymeric materials in aqueous media.


Coloidal dispersions of polymeric materials in aqueous media

The compound is sent to the canmaker in drums, containers or ISO tanks.

The canmaker applies and dries the sealing compound on the ends/lids, using by the lining solutions that also Artistica offers. Once the compound is applied and dried, it becomes a sealing gasket whose goal is isolate the content of the can from the exterior.

Finally the canmaker sends the ends as well as the cans to the filler, who fills and closes the can.


The canmaker gets the product from Artística in liquid state and applies it on the can lid throughout injection guns or any other alternative system.

A further drying process fixes the compound to the metal end, conforming a solid gasket with the appropriate characteristics to guarantee a hermetic sealing of the can.


Once the canmaker has applied and dried the compound, the lids (and cans) are sent to the filler, that fills and closes the cans. The main goal of the compound is guarantee the hermeticity of the can, covering all gaps than can appear during the seaming process.

There are more than 30 different sealing compound references, depending on the type of can, the drying process or the filling goods that will be packaged.