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Conversion sbc to wbc

 The strongest trend in canmaking on a world-wide basis.

  • All type of food and B&B Canning.
  • European canmakers leading the conversion process.
  • Wide range of benefits for canmaker and society.

The Water Based Compounds offers a wide range of benefits.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS - Elimination of VOCs emissions.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY - Handling of no dangerous materials.

    • No recirculation and heating of compound necessary.
    • Increased stability of WBC.
    • Reduced build-up.
    • Softer compounds with less mechanical incidences in the seam.
    • More homogeneous film.
    • Avoided flavour transmission inside the can.
    • Better steam flow behaviour.


    • No special requirements for transport.
    • Higher yield due to reduced film SG.
    • Additional investment needed for conversion practically limited to post heater and stainless steel metal parts.