ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Aqueous Ink Train Coatings


ACTEGA North America Aquatrain coatings are formulated with unique technology. This technology sets the industry standard for aqueous ink train coatings. Our Aquatrain coatings have exceptional runnability and are easy to use. Aquatrain coatings set to the touch in 10 minutes and dry hard in one hour reducing turnaround time and allowing quicker processing and post press finishing.

Aquatrain coatings are formulated to be run through the ink train and are used when the printer does not have dedicated coating equipment. Aquatrain coatings provide exceptional performance characteristics when compared to traditional alkyd based varnishes. The advantages of ACTEGA North America Aquatrain Coatings are:

  • Superior Drying Characteristics
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Improved Production & Processing
  • Higher Gloss Levels

Printers can now run aqueous coating through the ink train without purchasing additional coating equipment. For additional ink train information, technical assistance or to request a sample kit, please contact a ACTEGA North America representative.

Aquatrain Gloss series ink train coatings provide superior gloss with much faster set times when compared to traditional alkyd based varnishes. These revolutionary Aquatrain products have excellent clarity and holdout that provides excellent gloss.

Aquatrain Matte series ink train coatings enables application of non-burnishing in-line aqueous matte coating which has much faster set timesand excellent rub resistance. Aquatrain series matte coatings will lay smoothly on the heaviest density inks.